Marine Service

Karci Shipping Agency is a very good example of successful entrepreneurship, that has been founded in 2020 by a marine industry professional, who has an experience of close to two decades in Turkish Shipping Industry.

The company has been established in Istanbul, where is a rising star for entire International Shipping World for any kind of activities related to all kinds of craft designed for transportation on water.

Karcı Shipping Agency is a strong candidate for becoming one of the major players of Turkish Shipping Industry within a short term due to both diversified client portfolio and good friends of its founder and company’s visionary, innovative point of view.

The target of the management is to achieve becoming a group which is able to fulfil all requirements of international shipping companies about any subject they need in Turkey. However, the steps to be taken to achieve same goal will always be careful, small but strong and firm.

In line with above mentioned vision, presently main activities of Karcı Shipping Agency are; Ship Chandling and Supply Services for any kind of needs of our clients including genuine and second-hand spare parts in all major Turkish Ports, Port Agency Services for Tuzla, Yalova and Bosporus Straights, Technical Services & Repair Activities, Consultancy & Supervision Services, providing Technical Resources and Outsourcing, Brokering Activities for new shipbuilding, second-hand sales including demolition, ship repair, dry-docking, conversion and prefabrication of onshore steel constructions.

Karcı Shipping Agency assures to be a customer-focused, straightforward, friendly, highly committed, reliable, innovative company, that can provide tailor-made solutions in a quickest, economical way with premium quality of products and services in order to establish long term relations with all of its customers.